Government PR

Government PR

Team Orange, one of the leading market communications agencies in India based at New Delhi with specialization in Government PR & events, crisis management, online reputation management etc.

The salient features of our Government-to-citizen communications strategy are as follows:


(1)   Developing and maintaining media relations

(2)  PR strategy and media selection

(3)  Message Development

(4)  Containing Rumors & Managing Bad Publicity

(5)  PR for Crisis & Disaster Management

(6)  Leveraging Social Media Platforms

(7)  Blogging & Blogger Relations

(8) Online Reputation Management

(9)  Media Monitoring & Analysis

(10) Case studies


  1. Developing & maintaining media relations 

Team Orange Communications, one of the leading PR agencies in India, educates Government PROs on how to identify and contact media (newspapers, supplements, magazines, free-lance writers, trade publications, TV channels etc.) through pitch mails, request for interviews etc., such that they publish or broadcast news and features about the organization and its spokespersons besides responding to their requests appropriately. Besides developing media contacts, the key lies in maintaining effective relations with the contacts on a sustained basis even during lean news periods.


  1. Developing media strategy & media selection 

Developing a customized PR strategy or adopting a proven one is important. This involves choosing appropriate messaging and the appropriate media for the information to be disseminated. For example, if the Government wishes to reach the lower strata of the society then English as a language and online media as well as social media platforms should be avoided (owing to low literacy, computer literacy, Internet penetration and awareness). Team Orange, one of the best PR agencies in India, trains Government PROs on doing all of this effectively.


  1. Message Development

Message development must be in accordance with the choice of media in which it needs to be disseminated. All messages should have three attributes – clear, correct and concise. Clarity means it should be free from ambiguity, slang and perceptional distortion problems. It should be correct as it reflects on the credibility of the source and last but not the least, it should be sans any verbosity.


  1. Containing Rumors & Bad Publicity Management

Coping with rumors and bad publicity can be challenging. Team Orange, one of the PR agencies in India, trains Government PROs on how they can combat the same with information and all supporting documents like statistics / data, visuals (infographics and videos) etc. The five Fs are essential traits that a public relation officer must possess – Fast, Factual, Frank, Fair and Friendly.


  1. PR for Crisis & Disaster Management

Team Orange Communications, one of the leading PR agencies in India, has extensive experience when it comes to diffusing PR crisis. Our suggested strategy includes the following elements:

  • Crisis Management Vulnerability audit (situation assessment, identifying what’s causing maximum damage & needs to be controlled first);
    · Enforcing communication embargo (only authorized spokespersons to interact with the media);
    ·         Developing information material – press release, fact sheets etc.; reaching out to the senior editors personally (exercising influence, leveraging on rapport);
    ·         Besides arranging one-to-one interactions with top management;
    ·         Legislative and regulatory response planning (standard statements to emanate from all spokespersons);
    ·         Creating response page for the website, and response advertisements in the media (advocacy advertising);
    ·         Establishment of crisis response team (from amidst key members of the organization and the agency);
    ·         Preparing an exhaustive FAQ list / expected questions and their best possible answers;
    ·         Training spokespersons on how to interact with the media; identification and recruitment of “neutral” third party supporters and planting key messages amidst them;
    ·         Ensuring availability & spokesperson’s response to media at all times;
    ·         Documentation on how to prevent and manage similar crisis, should it strike again.


  1. Leveraging Social Media Platforms

Social Media in India is catching on like never before. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube etc. are consistently featuring in the top websites being visited by young and old alike. Not only people are visiting these sites to interact with those whom they know, social media has become a breeding ground for discussions with unknown people and is giving rise to virtual movements that are so forceful in nature that even traditional media quotes from online conversations! As such, state governments and agencies must look beyond mere ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ and learn to engage the public they serve. Team Orange Communications, one of the leading PR agencies in India, also undertakes targeted listening and sentiment analysis, known collectively as social relationship management (SRM).


  1. Blogging & Blogger Relations

With the advent of new media, traditional journalism has started to feel the heat owing to the growing popularity of individual commentators or writers who write their heart out on a variety of issues online. These writers, popularly called bloggers, have been gaining steady following and are proving to hold quite an influence on their regular readers. What is remarkable about blogging is the fact that it goes a step ahead of journalism. Wherein a journalist impartially reports on a news, with perhaps a bit of comment, bloggers tend to take sides and spark conversations that go viral and even give rise to controversies. From one-way communication that traditional journalism is, bloggers have been able to involve people in the ongoing discourse, making it more interactive and interesting. It is imperative for state governments and agencies to have PROs who are trained in the nuances of blogging and how to run/manage blogs that not only showcase their initiatives but also enable them to connect with a wider audience more effectively and take their feedback. Team Orange Communications, one of the leading PR agencies in India, focuses on how to identify and cultivate beneficial relationships with influential bloggers and get them to write on government initiatives and share them with their audience.


  1. Online Reputation Management (ORM)

With the ever-growing penetration of Internet and social media in India and their immense popularity, their drawbacks are also glaringly visible to one and all. Reputations of individuals, businesses and governments are being made a target of scathing attacks online and it calls for active Online Reputation Management to be able to identify problem areas and manage issues before they flare up into uncontrollable negative articles or comments that are visible in Google Top 10 results. It is imperative for state governments and agencies to have officers trained in identifying such issues and effectively deal with problems like negative comments and feedback on social media, malicious slander or negative articles by bloggers etc. Team Orange Communications, one of the best PR agencies in India, focuses on the strategy and tactics deployed to deal with such issues.


  1. Media Monitoring & Analysis

With so much happening all around us and the sheer number of media outlets chasing and presenting stories in print, electronic and online versions, it is important for state governments and agencies to monitor what is being reported about its initiatives and gauge the impact it is having on the public that they serve. This can go a long way in identifying problem areas and take corrective action as and where required. Team Orange Communications, one of the best PR agencies in India, focuses on various ways to keep track of the conversations and whether an article or comment is positive, negative, or neutral, and the influence of each person involved in the discussion. Government PROs learn how to track hundreds of sources including news, blogs, reviews, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, forums and much more!


  1. Case Studies

Team Orange Communications, one of the best PR agencies in India, features real life case studies showcasing how the new media and its various constituents are effectively used to tackle communication issues including situations like crises or launch of an initiative etc.