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Digital Marketing

Team Orange Communications, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in India, offers the following services to its clients:

(1) Design / redesign the website
(2) Make it mobile compatible and browser compatible (fits any screen size and browser)
(3) Provide a self-update mode through easy to operate graphical-user-interface (GUI) / CMS (Content Management System); can be updated even by non-technical staff
(4) Powerful content that attracts the attention of visitors and includes the keywords that matter (updated on regular basis, blogs on all sports disciplines)
(5) High-traffic portal design & development (for news / magazine sites)
(6) e-commerce website design & development with payment gateway integration


Flexibility and customization…no two businesses are alike so why should their social media strategy be the same. At Team Orange, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in India based at New Delhi, we tailor-make campaigns that suit your business and believe that key to social media strategy lies not just in creating and posting content but involving and engaging people. Here’s what we do for our clients as a specialist digital marketing agency:

(1) Crowd Sourcing – The cornerstone of our social media strategy is crowdsourcing. This can be triggered and incentivized through contests with attractive prizes. No dedicated team or agency can generate as much content for you as
(2) Review Management – Your customers will be more interested in reading what other customers have written about you rather than what you have written about yourself. Team Orange manages this important aspect through multiple ‘ghost’ accounts.
(3) Relevant & Regular Content – Team Orange posts relevant & interesting content daily…on all leading social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest etc. We make you a part of global conversations on topics of your interest using Twitter hashtags
(4) Positioning – The objective is to make you a knowledge source / domain expert / subject veteran that educates buyers without hard selling.
(5) Humanizing the brand – We also humanize the brand by posting pictures of your team doing things together…celebrating festivals etc. Not to forget prompt replies to posts from buyers.
(6) Boost your local discoverability (top ranking in local search results e.g. best real estate developer in Gurgaon/Noida/Greater Noida/Ghaziabad/Faridabad etc.) through an active Google+ account
(6) Community / group generation besides ‘stealing’ the followers of your competition
(7) Creating and managing a forum – Team Orange creates forums pertaining to your business vertical and responds to posts on popular forums on your behalf
Besides the content for PR campaign, the agency shall develop and syndicate content for the digital presence and campaign as well:

(1) Content for website
(2) Regular updates – news & articles on different sports disciplines
(3) Content for the social media campaign
(4) Online press releases
(5) Blog writing
(6) Case studies & testimonials
(7) Managing crowd-sourced content
(8) Slide Share presentations
(9) Mobile messaging – SMS & WhatsApp
(10) Video & multimedia content
(11) Responsible replies to queries and posts by people

Video Marketing

Almost all successful businesses make videos to promote themselves, and their reasons for doing so are obvious:

(1) You may have heard of the adage that a picture is worth thousand words but what about videos. In fact, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words!
(2) On an average, we visit a website for 48 seconds. However, if it has a video, we could be on it for as long as 5 minutes 50 seconds.
(3) Someone who has watched your video is 64% more likely to get influenced.
(4) Videos make your business and website more trustworthy. Emails with word video in their subject line have 13% higher open rates.
(5) When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), videos increase probability of your website appearing on Page 1 of Google search results by 53 times.
(6) YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. 800 million people watch 120 billion videos on YouTube every month (a whopping 6.5 hours of YouTube video watching every month).
(7) About 55% Internet users watch videos every day. Around 57% of content on Internet will be videos by 2015. Over 66% of content on mobile will be videos again by 2018.

It makes good business sense to invest in an effective video. Besides making awesome videos for you, we can help your videos reach your target audience effectively.